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44: Discussing how chemicals effect us SPECIAL GUEST


In this audio from the first hour of the livestream, I have a special guest with me.  We are priviledged to have a medical professional with 33 years of experience answering questions and giving info on the basics of what actually happens with exposure to the chemicals. 

 *Just a heads up and a note here.  I make a complete point as to why I dont do math in my head when we get to talking and demoing the respiratory piece.  He went with it to explain how to get the basic numbers.*

As I said in the stream, this IS NOT a diagnosing episode, nor anything of the sort.  This is NOT a Q and A seeking answers for what may be going on with you personally.  This is and was simply bringing information to people.  If you feel you are having problems or have more questions, I urge you to consult with your personal medical care professional. 


This was a great livestream and had alot of participation in it.  Thank you for listening and for spreading the word about Boothtalk.  Give us a follow and join in LIVE, Saturday Nights @Boothtalk on Instagram

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