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21:The 2018 SEMA Files Part 1


I am back from SEMA and trying to get into a normal routine again.  One thing about being out there is the sheer amount of people you can talk with.  Its an incredible experience and cant wait to do it again in 2019.


In this episode, I sit down in PPG and Aero Detailing's Booths and interview Charley Hutton, Mitch and Tom Kelly, Kyle Morely, and Bernt Karlsson.


Charley returns for the 2nd year and we get to talking about how he looks at cars, restorations vs hot rods, the importance of the Collision Industry, water and solvent and more.

Kyle Morley opens up about how he does his design work and how he approaches each paint job.  Also what it was like being a collision painter and taking the jump into owning his own shop.  As well as why its important for him and others to help the next generation of techs coming in.

Tom and Mitch Kelly, talk of their start as father and son and go into the background of who was involved years ago in the beginning.  The evolution of candy paints and what they use these days, what its like working with family, and of course....what sparked their interest originally for the industry and why they love it

Bernt Karlsson talks coming to America to work for Boyd Coddington, honing his skills learning how to shape metal and doing custom work over the years, teaching the younger generation how to work with their hands and more!

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