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63: Cleaning and Randomness

November 23rd, 2019

We are back!  After a short hiatus prepping for the SEMA show in Las Vegas, doing travelling, and the awesomeness that occurs when you have sick kids(ugh), we are back live and in each of your faces on Saturday nights again. 


Tonight's topic was suggested at the beginning before i hit record.  Wanting to discuss proper cleaning of EVERYTHING filters, cars, suits. So, we hit on it all and then randomness ensued afterward.  It was a fun night of conversation with everyone and hope to see you join us next week!


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31: Matt Ehlebracht

October 31st, 2019

Sitting down and talking with Lucky Matt himself during SEMA crunch time!  At the time of this recording, him and the shop were gearing up to lay all the graphic work on the truck being built for the SEMA show in Las Vegas 2019.  He had a hard time getting in the industry itself, but found his way in and found a love for classics.  We discuss how a trip to buy materials for making blocks for himself, accidentally turned into a business.  Also information about last year's SEMA build and what all went into it, and more. 


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62: 2 part! Changing Jobs and Dialing in clearcoat issues

October 26th, 2019

Gearing up for SEMA and because I will be shipping my equipment out Monday for Las Vegas, we did a 2 part livestream.  Chosen by you guys, in the first half we talk about changing jobs.  The reasons behind it, what to look for and more.  In the second half we talk about issues with clearcoat and dialing things in.  Is slower faster? Everytime? WHY?  runs? Solvent pop? Die back?  we covered it.


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61: Open Forum

October 14th, 2019

Open Forum livestream from Instagram this past Saturday night.


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60: Catalyst for Change

October 10th, 2019

As changes are on the horizon for myself, I wanted to ask you all, what has been a catalyst for change for you?  Whether it be in life, in your career, changing a job, whatever it may be.  I give things that have driven me to change things, big plans for what i want to accomplish and more.


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30: Roy Enriquez

September 27th, 2019

For episode 30, I reached out to a guy who is a tech, a rep, and someone wanting to make a difference.  In this, I talk with Roy Enriquez about his years growing up(literally) in the industry, making the transition from a tech to a rep, what he wants to be able to do as a rep that wasnt done for him, and much more. Its a great conversation with someone from our industry trying to give back.


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59: The importance of taking care of yourself

September 15th, 2019

Welcome back everyone!  We are talking in this audio from last night's livestream about the importance of PPE and taking measures to protect yourself.  A number of folks in the stream spoke about things theyve seen and experienced, as did I, giving my own issues Ive had in the past with Isocyanates.  What to look for in suits, gloves, fresh air setups, etc.

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58: “Why do some have a problem with women being techs?”?”

August 28th, 2019

In the audio from this past Saturday night's livecast, I go over a few things that have irked me about people having issues with women being in the auto field.  This one specifically was started by following along with one female tech and issues she has been fighting.  If the skill is there, why frown upon it?


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29: John Sherry from Axalta Part 1

August 22nd, 2019

Episode 29 is a 2 part interview with John Sherry from Axalta.  In part 1, Im getting John's story.  His background, Spies Hecker, Axalta, his music career, how he came into the field, and more.  Along with having 25+ years in the field, You may have talked with John on some social media groups, as he is very involved with helping others learn the trade today and problem solve. 

Part 2 will come soon and we will be covering a bit more technical stuff, the importance of training, where he sees the industry going and more.

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57: Open Forum

August 17th, 2019

Open Forum tonight on the Livestream.  Was waiting on my equipment to come back from New York last week, and the week prior I had it shipped there.  Been a busy few weeks but Im back and have a umber of things in the works for the podcast and youtube channel.


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56: Lost episode

July 21st, 2019

We recorded this sometime over the past 2 months and it never got uploaded.  Since there was no livestream this past Saturday night, I went digging to see if I could find one.

In this we discuss the release of the 8000 grit, Aero Detailing Products Compounds and Polishes, and much more.


enjoy and we'll be back to normal this upcoming saturday!

28: Connie Manjavinos from Girls Behind the Gun

July 16th, 2019

In this episode, I chat with Connie from Girls Behind the Gun. We talk about her upbringing, how she got started, and what career she was looking at before entering refinishing.


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55: “Keeping Motivated”

July 14th, 2019

In the audio from last night's livecast (@boothtalk on instagram), we chat about how to keep your head in the game and staying motivated.  We all know this industry can get you down if you let it and Im just as guilty of it as anyone.  How do you deal with it?  How do you keep your head up amidst the struggles?

Also have a special guest appearance toward the end.


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54:Tinting, Matching, and Metamerism

June 30th, 2019

In this episode of the Livecast, we are talking about how metamerism works, how too much clear can appear to darken a color, color matching, and color tinting. 


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53: “What is your WHY?”

June 23rd, 2019

In this livestream, we are battling a bad storm system coming in.


But we were able to talk with 3 people. Jesse, Meghan, and former podcast guest Bradly Tucker.  Everyone has their reasons on why they chose this industry, what motivates them, and what keeps them going.  We actually had a 4th person, Tim Briggs from Collision Edge, but power flickering last night lost that part of the interview on the card.

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27: Aric Heide

June 5th, 2019

Im back after what seems like technical difficulty after technical difficulty!  Take a listen as I sit down with my buddy Aric Heide.  Aric has over 40 years experience in out industry and is a wealth of knowledge.  We cover a number of topics including helping the next generation of techs, what drives him, his next steps, and why he takes PPE so seriously and he shares a story that explains why, in turn catching me completely offguard.


thanks for listening! 

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52: Special Guest Miguel Perez- What’s your VALUE?!

May 11th, 2019

In this FULL livestream audio, i have special guest, my buddy, Miguel Perez on the stream with me.  It went so well the first hour that we kept the conversation going and I wanted to keep recording.


Talking what exactly is your VALUE?  How to improve it, How to price yourself, Why you cant just ask online "What are you charging?", etc.  SO many things covered in this near 2 hours of audio with Miguel. 

Want to hear more of us 2 talking and hearing more about his backstory?  GO back and check out episode 12 of the podcast.


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26: Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio

April 27th, 2019

In episode 26, I get Captain Bob and Arlo on the phone from Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio.....for part 2!  Or 1? Part 1 revisited? The original interview was one that I lost with the SD card issues at SEMA 2018 and they agreed to do it again!

Ive listened to their radio show for a few years now and wanted to find out how exactly they got their start in radio.  They are the voices of the Hot Rodders, but how did that come about?  Whats the car culture like up in Wisconsin?  Why are the such strong supports of SEMA itself? and of course, we have to hear about the hot rods they own!  I also give thanks about a little known fact that BoothTalk originating from a conversation with them 3 years ago.

 Not much paint talk in this episode.  Its always fun to talk with car people and support those who support you.  They're great guys, check em out

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25: Static Solutions’ Claire Cleland

April 11th, 2019

In this episode, we go live and in person!  I caught Claire while she was in the country for a few days and we got this recording done.  I got a lot of questions answered that I had, a lot from you guys in the Q and A, and hope this brings you some information on the company and the Stat Gun itself! 


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50: Best/worst advice youve gotten

April 7th, 2019

This is a fun episode where we talk all about the good and bad advice we've all gotten over the years.  What has been said to light a fire, to motivate, etc. 


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24: Hilary Ann, owner of Ink and Iron Bodyshop

March 28th, 2019

In this episode, I chat with Hilary Ann, owner of Ink and Iron Bodyshop, based out of Canada.  We talk about her experiences in the industry and things shes been up against, how she got into the field, learned the trade, and ultimately, what made her want to open her own shop.  Her plans for the future of the all women's shop, and giving back to the next generation.

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49: “achieving that show car finish”. With Special guest, Randy Borcherding from PAINTHOUSE!

March 19th, 2019

In this live stream, I surprised everyone by having the one and only Randy Borcherding from PAINTHOUSE in studio with me.  Also in studio, but stayed mostly behind the scenes, his wife, Jennifer Borcherding.


We talk tips and tricks, what he has found works for him over the years, what processes to stay away from, different types of blocks, paint, colors, etc.  And of course, all of this is interactive with YOU, and answering questions LIVE.


If you enjoyed the stream, please check it out live in person, every Saturday night, @boothtalk on instagram at 8PM EST, with a new topic every week.

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48: Kevin Tetz returns and gives details on his new show

March 12th, 2019

In this special episode, TV personality and trainer Kevin Tetz, returns and gives us the heads up on his new show Hands On Cars. We talk about what the build is for this season, plans, and then he drops a bomb on me......How am i involved? listen and find out!

47: Open Forum

February 26th, 2019

Open forum this week on the livestream.


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23:Rob Paddock

February 19th, 2019

In this episode I talk with Rob Paddock from Paddock's Paintworks out of Chesterfield, Michigan.


Rob specializes in high end restorations and concourse cars, and posts pictures showing the process and loves helping educate people on the wonder that is these older cars.  We talk how he got his start, how he got into doing more of the older cars and what he loves about it. Also talk about why he went into business for himself and what he likes about it, as well as advice for people looking to go out on their own.  Then we end with a number of questions from him sent in from Instagram for a Q and A. 

And yes, for anyone that knows him, we talk about the doughnuts.


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46: Water vs Solvent

January 27th, 2019

talking everything water vs solvent. things to look into for making the swap, color matching, application, etc.


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45:Booth Maintenance and Upkeep

January 20th, 2019

First ever dual stream from the Instagram page @Boothtalk and the Facebook Boothtalk Group.


Talking different takes on products, scheduling, who does what, filters, and more


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22:The SEMA Files 2018 Part 2

January 19th, 2019

In this 2nd part of the SEMA Files, there are the last 2 interviews I was able to save after what we found to be an SD Card issue.  I sit down in the Aero Detailing Booth and talk with Greg Stelse about his shop In Wisconsin, Greg's Speed Shop.  Finding out what it is like getting started and where he wants to go with it.  I also talk with Ryan Korek from Korek Designs, and get some background on him and how drag racing played a big part of his life in the industry.

I hope to do longer episodes with each of these 2 guys in the future, but as you can understand, things at SEMA are always fast paced.  I had a blast talking with them and hope to get to see Greg's Speed Shop this summer for the Iola Car show.

44: Discussing how chemicals effect us SPECIAL GUEST

December 23rd, 2018

In this audio from the first hour of the livestream, I have a special guest with me.  We are priviledged to have a medical professional with 33 years of experience answering questions and giving info on the basics of what actually happens with exposure to the chemicals. 

 *Just a heads up and a note here.  I make a complete point as to why I dont do math in my head when we get to talking and demoing the respiratory piece.  He went with it to explain how to get the basic numbers.*

As I said in the stream, this IS NOT a diagnosing episode, nor anything of the sort.  This is NOT a Q and A seeking answers for what may be going on with you personally.  This is and was simply bringing information to people.  If you feel you are having problems or have more questions, I urge you to consult with your personal medical care professional. 


This was a great livestream and had alot of participation in it.  Thank you for listening and for spreading the word about Boothtalk.  Give us a follow and join in LIVE, Saturday Nights @Boothtalk on Instagram

43: Color Matching

December 8th, 2018

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